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My site is video shares site only.

1.  All work done based on Youtube guidelines..
2.  The video creators remain the owners of their work.

3.  The rights to the creator of an original work.

I do-

1. I agree not to modify, build on or impair any of the embed functionality or in video content.
2. I agree not to access YouTube content through any other technology or means other than a video’s embed code or any other authorized means that YouTube may designate.
3. I agree not to distribute in any medium any part of the Service or Content without YouTube’s prior written permission.

The boundary condition of web creator –

By Youtube

1. Find a video which like on YouTube, then click the Share button to see whether the embed functionality has been enabled.
2. Do not alter that code when displaying videos on your website.
3. Do not Show the video non-commercially.
4. Credit the creator of the video by redirecting on you tube creator own page.
5. Do not edit or otherwise change the video.
6.Should a video creator contact you and ask you to remove a video from your website, do so immediately.

Moral Rights-

Also known as authorship rights, moral rights comprise a creator’s rights to this things:
1. The Right of Credit or Association guarantees that all creators receive authorship credit in any  presentation of their work.

   (That’s why video is not playing on my website and this is directing on your “You tube page”,which means through share link it shares on your “You tube” page only.)
2. The Right of Anonymity or Context guarantees that a creator can decide how a work is used—even if the creator is not the copyright holder.

  Behalf of above rights, content creators wants to remove his video from video list Please Contact me.Video will be remove in some days.

  • I do not get any revenue from Youtube or Youtube videos .
  • As we know i directed all video from my website to content creators “You tube master site” page. thus yours revenue are not decreases or debited or even i am not taking it.
  • Even if the traffic is increases on” your video content on your You tube page” then more benefits gets to content creator “Youtuber”.
  • like-
    1.more subscribers 
    2.increases watch time
    3.more views count.
    4.more traffic
    5.more likes
    6.more video shares
    7.ONLY yours percentage of revenue increases from ads and other marketing.

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