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Rigid Chains can lift, push, and pull loads  Oh yaaa 

Serapid vertical chain lift for lifting mechanism for scissor lift. For your business ,factory, vehicle shops long time money saving opportunity.

Now we are going to learn bout that how this can positive effect on your pocket

 I assure you ,you can get best technology and knowledge.
Do you know bout vertical straight line lifting?
Do you know about mow much energy and money is wasted by traditional lifting?
here is your problem solution

Rigid lift chain actuator technology-

    These are linear chain actuator, push-pull chain actuator, electric chain actuator or column-forming chain actuators.The chain and pinion are use for vertical lifting of load. chin can use for horizontal direction parallel to surface for push and pull of load. special link re use for perform operation.

  Serapid’s rigid chain products are designed to be strong and durable, with a high load-carrying capacity. They are often used in applications where precise positioning and smooth, quiet movement are required. The company’s products are used in a range of industries, including manufacturing, automotive, aerospace, and entertainment.

Back History-

    Old days lifting can done by scissor lift, belt, rope, pulley, jack screw ,fork lifts. Some of these are traditional methods are used today also.There are cranes, hoist also use for depending on product to product uses.Traditional method scissor lift are operated by air cylinders so ten re not cost effective 

Today technology -

  Today technology is using traditional scissor lifting technology which include air cylinder as well as force is not directly acting straight to load direction so it consume more energy. 

Serapid vertical chain lift-

How it works-
               Rigid Chain collapses and can be coiled.Rigid chain actuators function as rack and pinion linear actuators that use articulated racks and when aligned and pushed in the right direction, it becomes as stiff as a steel column. Chain can be stored relatively compactly in a storage magazine.

No need Air cylinder .

No need Compressor.

Direct upward force ,

Thus high reduction in energy consumption.

less electricity consumption

more cost effective.

History work–

 more then 45 years with a combination of manufacturing quality.

At-                                           1972

  SERAPID was founded in Dieppe, France. It developed a technology for the movement of heavy loads, Rigid Chain Technology (RCT), offering unequaled precision, compactness and reliability.



 Establishment of SERAPID Singapore Pte Ltd.


Difference between traditional scissor lift vs rigid chain technology-

Rigid chain

  • Rigid Chains in action Handling heavy loads.
  • Low maintenance then other techniques.
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Compact storage
  • Reliable, precise and repetitive
  • Immune to harsh environments
  • no ydrulic oils nd cylinder

Traditional scissor lift/cranes

  • high load need high cost method 
  • some method need high maintenance.
  • bulky systems.
  • less precise
  • energy losses high

before buy need to know-

  • Lifting height has limitation  2.5 meter.

  • Flat surface or have limited lengths or heights.

  • Chains to move a 7-ton platform up and down 2.75 m at 42 mm/sec

Lets have some video-

Point to be noted-

  • Good
  • compact 
  • speed 300 mm/sec
  • weight unto 75 kg/meter
  • efficiency 80%
safety & security –
  • motion-control aspect must operate smoothly and safely.


  1. no air cylinder needed
  2. no hydraulic cylinder ,no hydraulic oil
  3. Immune to harsh environments
  4. Reliable, precise and repetitive
  5. Compact storage
  6. Environmentally friendly


  • Running cost less
  • no air compressor needed
  • no hydraulic needed
  • direct lift
  • long life
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Rigid chain | Scissors lift | Vertical lifting

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